Clinical Viewer Usability

Image Credit: geralt @ (Image altered and text added)

ClinicalConnect is a federated clinical viewer for South West Ontario. We recently published a usability survey report for ClinicalConnect mobile interface.[ 1 ] We used the System Usability Scale (SUS) for usability assessment. A questionnaire based on Canada Health Infoway’s benefits evaluation framework was used for the assessment of ClinicalConnect’s impact on the productivity of healthcare providers and quality of healthcare delivery. The survey showed that the users perceived the mobile interface of ClinicalConnect as useful but were neutral about the ease of use. The results show that bringing data from disparate healthcare systems to the point of care via mobile HIE systems has a potential for improvement in patient care.

Next week, I shall discuss how federated clinical viewer architecture can be improved in general. What is your take on usability of eHealth systems?


  1. Eapen BR, Chapman B. Mobile Access to ClinicalConnect: A User Feedback Survey on Usability, Productivity, and Quality. JMIR mHealth uHealth 2015;3(2):e35