eHealth and Research Support Services


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Extract, Transform and Load data from diverse applications such as OSCAR EMR, DHIS2, etc. into customized data marts.


Create complex electronic forms for data collection including OSCAR eForms and case report forms (CRF). We have open-source solutions for end-to-end form management in healthcare.

Application Development

Design cross-platform mobile apps for research teams in a cost-effective manner. Leverage existing open source solutions such as OSCAR EMR, OpenMRS EHR, DHIS2, OpenClinica, MirthConnect and RedCap to solve research problems.

eHealth Consulting

Help organizations identify the best solutions for their needs. Help practitioners to incorporate technology into everyday practice.

About NuChange

Experienced . Reliable . Affordable
We bring years of experience in Health and IT.

Making all health information systems to work together and getting it adopted is no easy task.

At Nuchange Informatics, we customize, implement and train your staff on top notch Health IT systems. The components would be well integrated with each other to allow a seamless flow of information to support your operations and decision making.

And to do all this, you do not have to spend most of your budget on buying expensive proprietary solutions. We customize the open-source software to suit your workflow.

  • Health IT

    Customize Open-Source Systems

  • Health Analytics

    Transform data to information

  • Clinical Research

    Informatics support for Clinical Research

  • eHealth Consulting

    Help you make the right decisions

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