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ASP.NET Core 1: Some useful code snippets

ASP.NET Core is Microsoft’s answer to open source web development platforms. Probably it was inevitable as they realize the futility of fighting the open source ecosystem with the ever growing popularity of node, npm, and bower. If you can’t beat them, join them 🙂 Most healthcare organizations in Canada still use the Microsoft products and[…]

Phonegap for mHealth

Phonegap and AppPharmacy – Just what the doctor ordered!

Health Care is getting swathed in mobility and mHealth. Though the term is not yet adequately defined, mHealth is the new buzzword. mHealth, unlike many other eHealth specialities, has provider/doctor and consumer/patient aspects. This dual nature helps mHealth to be instrumental in improving the quality of care delivery and patient empowerment. mHealth will also play a[…]

Deploying Java applications with embedded derby database

Ruby on Rails (Photo credit: Wikipedia) I have been trying to brush up my programming skills during the christmas break. I recently added the tagline “Dermatologist who codes” to my elevator speech. My plan is to sharpen my java skills and to learn python and ruby on rails. I believe coding real world applications is[…]

Running Tomcat as www-data

For last couple of days I have been working on a web based application for skin color measurement as I blogged here. The core of the application is implemented in php as it is much easier to handle. (May be I am more comfortable with it). But the GD image library for php has limited[…]