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I am an IRC newbie, and I have always considered it old technology especially in this age of skype and google hangouts. For the uninitiated IRC is a form of public text chat. IRC is one of the few internet technologies which has gradually declined in popularity with over 60% reduction in users since 2003. Read more about IRC here.

IRC is still reasonably popular among the open-source community for getting real-time help from dedicated volunteers. Since ehealth is closely related to the open-source community, I did a cursory search for any existing channels on ehealth. Since I did not find any, I set up ##ehealth on freenode following their naming conventions.

In short, ##ehealth is ours! Do drop in when you have time and help out others on ehealth related topics. Though the focus is on HealthIT, feel free to discuss anything vaguely related to ehealth.

You might find a bot that does some policing. He will also be happy to share the latest news (!ehealth) and jobs (!jobs). So fire up your favourite IRC client (mIRC / xChat or anything else) and be at the most happening place: ##ehealth on 😉 If you don’t know what I am talking about, just click start below!

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