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2015 National Change Management Survey (Canada)

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In 2010 Infoway conducted a change management survey, which was the catalyst to establishing the Pan Canadian Change Management Network and development of the National Change Management Framework.

Fast forward 5 years…Canada Health Infoway’s (Infoway) Clinical Adoption Team is conducting a survey to gain insight on how change management is currently being conducted across the country. Change management is an essential driver of adoption and benefits realized from the use of digital health. Infoway’s multifaceted approach to change management is guided by an evidence-informed change management framework that was developed with input from experts across Canada in 2011.

The purpose of this survey is to assess how change management is currently being conducted across the country and the usefulness of the Change Management framework and associated toolkit. The survey takes between 10-15 minutes to complete. Upon completion of the survey, you can enter the participant’s draw, where you could win one of five $200 Visa cards. The survey will be available until February 12, 2015. Your input will help provide direction on how to shape the ongoing development of change management resources for the adoption of digital health solutions across the country in 2015 and beyond.

Link to 2015 National Change Management Survey:

What is wrong with the culture of medicine?

“What is wrong with the culture of medicine?”

I posted an article about burnt-out doctors that got lots of comments in DsB. Here is an excellent TED talk from Dr Zubin Damania, Director of Healthcare Development for Downtown Project Las Vegas.

“Medical schools are like Hogwarts where doctor wizards are trained to cure muggles using arcane contraptions like pagers (owls)”.

He has a plan to fight back against a system that can dehumanize doctors and patients alike. He is just too good. Must watch!

This article proposes telehealth as the future of healthcare delivery through virtual consultation and remote diagnosis. It will not only reduce the burden on secondary health care provision, but also improve the quality where accessibility to secondary care is limited. With the dwindling number of dermatologists in many parts of Canada, teledermatology also has huge potential. I am working on a dermatology imaging standard called DICODerm. I am planning to propose it to DICOM standards committee through Canada health infoway once it is completed. WG-19 (DICOM dermatology group) discontinued such a move long back, but when I proposed this idea in DsB I received huge support. Our ongoing work is available here. Standardization is a huge bottleneck for teledermatology systems, and if we can agree on a DICOM standard for dermatology, existing PACS systems may be used for store-and-forward teledermatology.