DSG3 (BJD 2006 Jan 154 pp67-71)
I was always interested in doing some bioinformatics project on basement membrane zone molecules. Authors have studies various DSG3 SNPs and found two different haplotypes in UK and Indian pemphigus vulgaris patients. Authors have suggested further investigation of this gene.
Structure of GPCRs (PLoS Comp Biol Feb 2006 2(2) p 88-99
Feb 2006 PLOS Computational Biology journal has an interesting article about structure prediction of G Protein – Coupled Receptors. Authors have employed the new threading assembly refinement (TASSER) method to predict the structures for all 907 putative GPCRs out of which at least 820 is supposed to have correct folds. The structures are available for noncommercial use from the university website in my links database. It may be useful for my MC1R study too as GRK2 and 6 are GPCR kinases involved in MC1R signaling. Time to refine my protocol further.

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