Combining Clinical Trials

English: Icon representing Bayesian statistics (Photo credit: Wikipedia) BMC Medical Research Methodology | Abstract | Bayesian methods in clinical trials: a Bayesian analysis of ECOG trials E1684 and E1690: Happy new year to all! I have always wondered how to effectively combine data from a previous similar clinical trial into a new trial. If this[…]

Negative N to Unknown U

The identification of disease specific genes is pivotal in clinical informatics. This paper describes an improved algorithm for machine learning in which the negative N is classified more appropriately as Unknown U. English: Weka Data Mining Open Software in Java (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Peng Yang, Xiao-Li Li, Jian-Ping Mei, Chee-Keong Kwoh, and See-Kiong Ng. Positive-Unlabeled Learning[…]