Psoriasis support : eHealth gaming tools for patient engagement

Psoriasis manum (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Here is the IFPA  survey to compare 17 different strategies and activities that can be used to advance psoriasis education, advocacy and awareness. Preliminary results of the survey will be presented on World Psoriasis Day and the final results will be announced at the 4th World Psoriasis & Psoriatic Arthritis Conference[…]

Clinical trials in cosmetic dermatology

Dr. Philip C Anderson in Dermatology Department circa 1967 (Photo credit: Wikipedia) We are again having an interesting discussion on new generation hairloss treatments in the Dermatologists Sans Borders facebook group. We have discussed about the inconsistencies in the claims of the so called biomimetic peptides before.(Beauty born out of Bioinformatics) So we will not[…]

Combining Clinical Trials

English: Icon representing Bayesian statistics (Photo credit: Wikipedia) BMC Medical Research Methodology | Abstract | Bayesian methods in clinical trials: a Bayesian analysis of ECOG trials E1684 and E1690: Happy new year to all! I have always wondered how to effectively combine data from a previous similar clinical trial into a new trial. If this[…]