What is NuForm?
NuForms are touch-sensitive form widgets for Electronic Health Records. NuForm allows you to write freehand on a form image and save it to the database. This is especially useful for forms that do not need back-end data analysis, such as check-lists.

What is OSCAR-NuForm
OSCAR-NuForm is an eForm generator that automatically converts the image of your paper form to a NuForm. It packages all required bundles and the image as a zip file that can be directly installed as an eForm in OSCAR McMaster EMR.

How do I use it?
Write the name of your eForm below and upload the image file. It’s that simple. Watch this video.


  • All eForms share the bundle files. Hence when you upload multiple eForms, a file overwrite warning will appear. You can safely ignore this.
  • NuForms engine is based on Angular2 and may not be stable. Use this application at your risk.
  • The uploaded image (Not the filled forms) is cached on the (insecure) server. Do not use proprietary forms.

The NuForm Engine is based on Angular2/FabricJS and is open-source. Feel free to post issues and feature requests on our GitHub repository here. Please give us a star if you like this.