Transfer of Accountability

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Transfer of accountability (ToA) is the exchange of patient information during shift handovers by nurses. It is of vital importance in patient safety. However, not many dedicated software solutions exist at present to improve this process. Use of non-specialized software such as MS Excel for this purpose may lead to many practical difficulties. ToA forms are typically displayed on computers or smartboards in multiple areas. Concurrency of information on various displays may be of concern.

The cardiac surgery unit at Trillium follows the “S.A.F.E.” reporting process: Story, Assessment, Follow-up, and Evaluation for ToA. I have created a simple program using the MEAN stack (MongoDB, expressJS, AngularJS and Node) incorporating the S.A.F.E form for ToA. Long term storage is not supported by design to reduce privacy concerns. All displays synchronize in real-time like a chat window, thanks to the web socket technology.

The source code is available as open-source on GitHub. This software can be hosted on a single computer, on the corporate intranet or the cloud. All systems logged in with the same credentials will display the same content. Each department is expected to use a generic account. Here is the demo.

Finally, here is an interesting article by Alvarado that describes the development of the transfer of accountability guidelines at Hamilton Health Sciences (HHS).

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